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Clocks, barometers, home thermometers

Table Clock with Ganesha Idol
In stock
A beautiful time piece with a statue of Ganesha attached, ideal to place on office/study table. A great Indian gifting option Table clock with Ganpati Perfect for office/study table Ideal as corporate gift Conference gift Product Dimension : 10*4.5*5 cm (L*W*H) Weight : 170 Gram Code...
Group: Alarm clocks
Table Alarm Clock with Ringing Bell
In stock
Good quality metal table alarm clock. The clock has traditional hammering-on-bells alarm functionality. The clock works with single AA size battery cell. Small table alarm clock Dimensions: 5 inches tall with 3 inches clock dial diameter Traditional alarm ringing with hammer on twin bells;...
Group: Alarm clocks
Classic Table Alarm Clock with push button Light
In stock
Good quality 6.5 Inch metal Table Alarm Clock. The clock has the traditional hammering on bells Alarm functionality along with push button light (press and hold button to light). The clock works with single AA size battery cell. 6.5 Inch Table Alarm Clock Material: Metal Traditional hammering...
Group: Alarm clocks
Wall Clock 'Green Magic
In stock
Mosaic of Glistening Green Crystal Pieces set in Wood Frame for a Magical Effect | Size: 1212 inches  This wall clock made by traditional craftsmen has Red & Brown crystal pieces engraved into wood to create a very unique look. These wooden clocks attract attention as much on themselves and the...
Group: Clock for home


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